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  • Feb
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    PLEASE NOTE-STARTING DATE OF THIS CLASS IS 2/8/23. THANK YOU. HULA-FIT brings the zing back to the workout routine and is a combination of foundational moves co-mingled with a variety of other movements to get your heart racing and your hips moving! Watch your core strength and balance explode as skills build! Laugh your head […]

  • Feb
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    Beginner Art Concepts: Tools, Techniques and Processes

    Did you ever want to take an art class and didn’t know where to begin? Are you lost when entering an art supply store and don’t know what you should buy? Well, this is the class for you! We’ll cover the foundational elements of art and the qualities of different media and how they work. […]

  • Feb
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    Introduction to Beekeeping

    If you’ve been thinking of enrolling in the State of Maine eight-week comprehensive beekeeping class, this one-night overview will give you some basic information about the craft. Learn how to start and manage a hive, find out where to get supplies, identify bee diseases and pests and examine other problems faced by the beginner beekeeper. […]

  • Feb
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    How to Dress for Your Body Shape

    Use these simple techniques to create the illusion of a slimmer body or more curves! Dressing for Illusion is about knowing how to wear color, clothing styles and embellishments to trick the eye into seeing something different on the body than what is really there, such as the appearance of slimmer hips, a flatter stomach, […]

  • Mar
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    Starting a Business (Zoom)

    After taking this Zoom workshop, you’ll be able to determine if being a business owner is right for you. We’ll go over business planning, market research, and what it takes to get started, including licensing, operational, and legal considerations. Come away with information on local, state, and federal resources that will help you run your […]

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